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Forklift Parts

Forklifts can open up new possibilities and make jobs easier, and with the right accessories, you can get faster and better performance from your hardware. We want your experience with Illinois Lift to be a positive one and, to that end, we provide a wide variety of forklift accessories for you to choose from. If we can make your day easier, and do so at a reasonable price, we have met our goal in customer satisfaction.

Quality Parts Guaranteed

All of our parts come with a quality guarantee. You can’t be slowed down by accessories that break or don’t perform as expected and we want to make sure you are able to perform as best you can. You can trust any accessory we sell to perform as stated. Our forklift supplies come from the top manufacturers in the business. We look for quality products so we can provide you with the same.

Speedy Shipping & Delivery Process

When you need something done, you want it done now. In business, time and money are closely connected. Your accessories will be shipped quickly, without having to jump through hoops to get it to happen. When you need to provide a service to your customers, you need to know you can depend on your providers to keep to their schedule. We do just that.

Great Pricing

You could easily spend double our prices at some places but that doesn’t guarantee you double the quality. We sell our merchandise at the prices we would like to spend. You get the same quality and excellent service. You can’t find a better combination than that.

Experienced Team

All of our associates are experts in the industry and have been trained to understand your wants and needs. They understand the subtle differences between items and can help you find the best possible choice. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions about certain parts and accessories and how they impact your forklift’s performance.

Why Illinois Lift Equipment?

At Illinois Lift, we carry a wide selection of forklift accessories. We have been providing forklift and forklift accessory needs nationwide long enough to understand exactly what your needs are and how to connect you with the equipment you need. Let us talk with you today and see what we can do for you. Knowledgeable team, affordable pricing and a quality guarantee all add up to service you can’t beat.

Need help with some parts? Contact us today!

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