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    Used Boom Lifts For Sale

    One of the greatest things you can do for yourself or employees who consistently do work at great heights is to purchase a boom lift. These vehicles, often seen near poles holding up cable and telephone wires, have proven to be so much safer for these high place workers that they now are finding their way into a variety of environments.


    Some types of aerial lifts such as scissor lifts offer safety at great heights, but they don’t offer the flexibility that may be necessary in order to reach various sides of a structure. They require an operator to lower the boom, move the vehicle, and then raise the boom again. Boom lifts make it easy to simply adjust the boom itself if a different position is needed. This is particularly helpful in professions such as tree trimming and construction. It is this flexibility that has made boom lifts popular in so many fields.

    Where Boom Lifts are Used

    Besides working on utility lines, we’ve had customers who have found boom lifts useful for a diverse number of tasks including fruit harvesting, house painting, roof repair, window washing, tree pruning, city maintenance, and entertainment venue production. Illinois Lift Equipment has a wide variety of all the top boom lift brands in the industry. Whatever your needs, our knowledgeable representatives are ready and willing to answer your questions. Check out our current stock to learn more!

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